NadeShot is a part-owner and former member of OpTic Gaming's Call of Duty team. As one of the most iconic Call of Duty players of all time, Nadeshot has gained a large following of supporters throughout his decorated eSports career. In the spring of 2015, Nadeshot announced a hiatus from CoD eSports to pursue other projects. Though he has left a potential return on the table, he has not imminent plans to rejoin the competitve scene. He is an active streamer and YouTube content creator. His vidoes feature a wide range of genres from video game playing to challenges and Q&A's. Despite his departure from the Call of Duty competitve scene, his legacy of promoting eSports and successfully competing at the game's highes level for many years have continued to grow his fanbase. Best friends with Scumpii and Knckn during the black ops 2 season.Nadeshot is now dating iJustines sister, and Nadeshot is very cute!!

OpTic CareerEdit

- MLG All Star Classic - Most Valuable Player and Champion

- Gamebattles Live Champion and reigning Belt Holder

- New Years Bash Champion

- 2011 : Million Dollar Tournament Champion

-Born August 3,1992

- 2013 Call of Duty Championship - 3rd place

- 2013 MLG Spring championships - 3rd place

- 2013 MLG Anaheim - 3rd place

- 2013 Gfinity - 3rd place

- 2013 Gfinity 2 - 13-16th place

- 2013 MLG Fall invitaional - 2nd

- 2013 MLG Columbus - 13th-16th place

- 2014 Call of Duty Championship - 3rd place

- 2014 MLG X Games - 1st place

- 2014 MLG Anehiem - 2nd place

- 2014 MLG 5K - 1st place

- 2014 MLG 10K - 1st place

- 2014 MLG Columbus- 2nd place

-2015 MLG Orlando - 1st place

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