OpTic BlaZZ3 or Cameron Stone, is one of the Founding members of OpTic Gaming. BlaZZ3 was invited to join OpTic by his cousin OpTic Pr3vieW (Co-Founder), on October 21st, 2006. This was

before OpTic had been recognized in the community. Somewhere around early 2007, BlaZZ3 went inactive in the Call of Duty scene and it wasn't until late 2014 that he decided to return and create a YouTube channel.

Today, BlaZZ3 remains active in the Call of Duty Community by posting frequent videos on his brand new YouTube Channel, and also streams via Twitch.

It is said that BlaZZ3 joined OpTic off of a Clan War with his former team (K1NeT1C), which is documented on YouTube and posted in 2006 by OpTic KR3W (Founder of OpTic). BlaZZ3 is also seen in many old OpTic videos on YouTube from 2006.

OpTic BlaZZ3's YouTube Channel can be found here: